Who is more powerful, the Creator or the Spirits?

Someone asked me the question, “Who is more powerful, the Creator or the Spirits?”  Here is my answer and you may find it interesting.

You asked a very important question. Who is more powerful, the Creator or the Spirits. Obviously, if there is a Creator, then He/She created everything, including the Spirits. But that is not the real question. I think the more pertinent question is, “who do we consult and work with? The Creator or the Spirits or both?”
I think we first must look at our definition of Creator. Do we see the Creator as the Old Man in the Heavens….the Grandfather of all Grandfathers. De we believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man?
The Native people before the missionaries came, did not think much at all, apparently, about the nature of God. They felt that there were no words that could describe Him. They didn’t think of a male or female Deity of all Deities. They contented themselves to call him Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. They preferred to work with the Spirits whom they could see and with whom they could interact and from whom they could get help.
I, personally, do not believe in a personified God. I don’t think He/She is made in the image of Man. I don’t believe that whatever God may be, that He/She is involved in our stuff and is managing our destiny. I don’t believe that He/She chose one person to be Hitler and another to be Ghandi.
I think that the best term for God is, Wakan Tanka, and that when the great mystery expressed Itself, It created the world in Its own image, and I think that image is Mitakuye Oyas’in…which the Buddhists call Oneness.
I think that thereafter, the whole Creation is striving in its own way after Oneness. This is the task of the Spirit world and our world. Each Spirit has his/her own agenda, task, to realize Oneness. We have our own life purpose to bring Oneness to the world, so that everything we do is in the name of Mitakuye Oyas’in. None of us ever does this perfectly, but some do more than others. Many people have no idea that this is a purpose in their lives.
So, realizing Oneness in my own life and sphere of influence, has become my over arching purpose. To that end, I listen to the Spirits. My teacher, Ishnala Mani, has been a constant guide and source of inspiration. Some times he or my other teachers will want me to do something which I would rather not do, but I generally acquiesce because we are all serving Oneness and they have a better perspective than I do, and I think have access to more information than I have.
Are they infallible. Of course not. No Spirit guide that I know of has ever claimed to be infallible. We are all in this process together…to realize oneness, Mitakuye Oyas’in. So, I listen to my teachers and generally cooperate with them. I try to live in a way that creates oneness with my fellow beings, human, animal, vegetable and mineral. I try to let go of those things that separate me. Among those things are a judgmental attitude. When I find myself judging another person, it is generally because they are showing me things in myself that I abhor. I try to let go of anger because nursing anger keeps me separate and is contrary to Mitakuye Oyas’in. In each situation requiring me to set a course of action, I try to choose the loving course. In these ways, I join the rest and the best of creation in bringing Mitakuye Oyas’in into being.
There are times when you say “no” to the Spirits. If what they are asking is more than you can do physically or emotionally, you have a right to say “no.” Remember, they have work to do and see you as a co-worker and may not care as much as you would wish, whether or not their requests are convenient. You may decide that They aren’t seeing a situation in the correct light, that they are wrong. In that case you go by what you know is right, but you should look carefully at your reasons for disagreeing because they generally have more information than you do. I think it is most often when I am in a judgmental or angry stance that I want to say, “no.”
The Spirits pulled me from the sweatlodge. That really hurt. I know that I am perfectly capable of sweating, but in the name of Oneness, they want me teaching. I have been angry and hurt about this, but agreed to go along with it. Just today, I saw clearly that I was, and am now and will always be the sweatlodge. I am One with the lodge. We are all One, even with people we don’t like. That is just a fact of existence. Our task is to ground that Oneness in reality.
So, who is more powerful, God or the Spirits? In the Christian metaphor as told in the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Of course, in the Christian way, that flesh was the Christ. I like the Native/Buddhist metaphors best. In the beginning was the Great Mystery that expressed itself in Oneness (Mitakuye Oyas’in) and the creation blossomed forth as an expression of that Oneness. So, we work with the Spirits (analogous somewhat to angels, but not exactly), asking them to help us even as we help them.

Mitakuye Oyas’in
Duncan Sings-Alone

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  1. Eva Says:

    Dear, mr Duncan Sings-Alone!
    I just want to thank you for beeing a great teacher.
    I´m very far away, but in a strange way I get my answers from your brilliant way of writing.
    Thank you so much!!

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